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Unicycle Ballet

Watch 4 tall unicycles float and prance around the space playing out a medley of great ballets high above your heads. The music is blissful, the movement graceful, the tricks awe inspiring and then there is the costume…

Check them out!

Watch in awe as the graceful troupe of unicycle ballerinas in tutus somehow manage to pull off intricate ballet moves… whilst riding 2 metre high unicycles! Teetering on the edge of the stage, swooping high above your heads and skillfully executing choreography that people who are wearing tutus and riding unicycles should probably not attempt! 


The unicycle ballet lasts for 10 minutes and can be performed 3-4 times throughout the day.


Why not add colour, skill and an element of the ridiculous to your event with The Unicycle Ballet Roving Performance? 4 Unicyclists will "Plie", "Glissee" and "Arabesque" their way through the crowd, amazing and amusing all in their path. The Unicycle Ballet Roving Performance can take place 3-4 times throughout the event and last from 20-30 mins each time.


Does your event take place after dark? The LED Unicycle Bikie Gang will race through the crowd in an elegant and dazzling display of skill with beautiful LED costumes. Hard to miss and insanely talented, everybody wants their photos taken with the LED Unicycle Bikie Gang!


Want the Unicycle Ballet?

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