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The Little Big Stage

You have gone nowhere but everything has changed, life just became more fun, filled with laughter and exploding with the unexpected you are now in front of The Little Big Stage, where magical entertainment happens.

Check it out!

Shane Moon – Entertainment Manager – UniLife UOW.
“The Little Big Stage – should be called The Little Big Big Stage! Little space required, Big energy, Big student engagement. Looking forward to having them at next year’s Orientation Week”

The Little Big Stage is easy and simple to bump into any location.

It transforms any indoor or outdoor area into a pop up theatre. 


The little big stage creates immediate intimacy between performers and audiences, even in the biggest of spaces. It feels intimate and special while still having space for an endless number of guests.


The Little Big Stage includes a decorative backdrop, a sound system, lighting and optional seating - a tiered seating system, chairs or ground covering. You can even have cushions on the seating system, for the fancier bottoms.


You can hire just the stage…

Or let us make the magic happen with a program of world class entertainment curated just for you.


Want The Little Big Stage?

Did you want this tent at your next event or festival?

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