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Peep O Rama

You know you want to peek!

The Peep O Rama is a fabulous little Pop-Up theatre that operates differently.


Take a peep through the wall into a crazy world of comedy, slap-stick, hilarious vignettes and silly sketches. A totally unique addition to the festival scene.


Offering bite-sized entertainment that you watch through a hole in the wall. 


The Peep ‘O’ Rama has a selection of height specific eye holes in the wall for voyeurs of all ages to “take a peep” at the near constant family friendly physical comedy sketches happening in front of them. 


This activation is modelled on the Victorian side show entertainment popular in England at the turn of the last century. It is old made new and a treat for those peeping and for those watching those peeping. 


Looks great, works a treat and creates that beautiful sound of humans laughing together.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 7.39.54 pm.png

Want THE PeepORama?

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