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The Kazador

The Kazador is a mini spiegeltent – a full wooden and mirrored venue with a solid wooden floor and a gorgeous Miami Art Deco façade. The tent is truly spectacular to look at and comes with the great Laughter House Entertainment design calling card, of a powerful atmospheric space.

The Kazador seats between 137 and 156 people and has space for a further 20 people to stand at the back.

With a classy step back in time feel, The Kazador is other worldly with its sleek and simple design. The close proximity of the audience to the stage makes for a highly interactive and personal experience. This venue is great for performances of any kind, but also for other ventures, like book launches, readings, weddings, celebrations, conferences and small functions.

Kiki's Kazador.jpg

The Kiama Kazador Season

At Laughter House we run our own very speacial showcase of the Kazador... Kiama's very own mini spiegeltent season... Check out The Kazador Website or read all about what we've created bellow...


Case Study

The Kiama Kazador Season

We realised that living in a relatively small rural town in NSW, if you wanted to see a show of any real calibre, more often than not, you had to travel to a major city. We started to imagine what it would be like to bring some of those “calibre” shows to a small town like Kiama and how we might go about doing it...

JoondalupFestival_Photographer1_[By Adam Nalapraya]--14.jpg
dji_mimo_20220511_202638_926_1653284262070_pano copy.JPG
Sharon Burgess - Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Assembly Gardens Producer
“The Kazador is Gorgeous!”

Want The Kazador?

Did you want this tent at your next event or festival?

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