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Meet the Team

Tamara and Dave are our fearless leaders but there's a whole team of people behind them that help them execute their incredible visions.
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Tamara Campbell

Performer / Kiki / Director of accents and flexibility

Hi, Tamara here. I believe that the world needs more and better laughter. That laughter should be a force for good. Bringing humans together to share and connect, breaking down the barriers and masks that inhibit our progress as a race. I also believe that it is fundamental that we have bloody good time together as often as possible. I have been fortunate enough to spend my entire career spreading joy and laughter and gently nudging people out of their comfort zones to discover that there is always more. I have done this across the globe in different languages and for varying cultures and the one thing that always stands out, is that people are naturally willing to connect and let the guard down, sometimes they just need an environment that makes that ok.


At Laughter House we wake up every morning to lighten and advance the human race by adding joy, laughter and possibility to horizons that lay ahead. We strive to create unforgettable experiences with impacts that continue long after the event is over. We would love for you and your peeps to be on the receiving end of this fabulousness, by having us help you create the most memorable event ever.

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Dave Evans

Actor / Performer / Director of chaos and hilarity

Hi Dave here. At aged 14, I literally ran away to join the circus. Sounds romantic but in reality, circus saved my life! A troubled youth gave way to a life-long passion for the energy, spontaneity and joy found in the ring and then shaped the cornerstone of Laughter House. I believe that performance should be for everyone. No matter how young, old, rich, poor, sophisticated or not. I am eternally grateful for my introduction into the fabulous world of comedy circus and have made it my life’s work to re-gift that chance to others.


Jaye Murray

Boss of bossiness and common sense

A former performing arts kid with a passion for bringing joy and giggles to others. With an extremely diverse resume Jaye pick up all sorts of odd jobs and keeps everything in order at Laughter House HQ (Including Dave & Tamara). She will most likely be your first point of contact so reach our and say "Hi"

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corey pickett

Heavy Thing Lifter / Performer / Infrastructer

Corey Pickett is a polished all-round international performer. With a background in theatre, he combines circus, music and physical theatre to create an energetic and eccentric performance.


He started performing at the tender age of 12 and after years of performing in theatre shows, cabarets, festivals, fringes and circus tours all over Australia and New Zealand, he has gained an exceptional variety of skills and captivating stage presence. He has taken his madcap comedy circus delights across the world, performing from England to Egypt, throughout Europe, China, and across the UK, regularly performing street shows at the world famous Covent Garden.


Now Based In London and Sydney he is an accomplished Juggler, Actor, Diabolist, Adagio Base, Accordion player, Physical Comedian, Spruiker and Unicyclist. He has worked on many different stages and festivals including: Edinburgh Fringe (UK), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Falls Festival (AUS), Lainsuojattomat Theatre Festival (Finland), Adelaide Fringe Launch (AUS) and companies such as Circus Monoxide (AUS), Circus Aotearoa (NZ), Circus Rio (Aus), Fit Up Productions (UK) and Eaton Gorge Theatre Company (AUS) to name just a few.

Diana mclaren

Pretty Maker / Marketing and Media / Comedian

A stand up comedian and general performer in her own right. Diana runs her own Digital Agency Dem's Designs which works with Laughter House Entertainment on many of there major projects including KISS Arts Festival.

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Susan Kenedy

Laughter House Admin / Dictator / Grown up

Susan has been administering laughs in theatre since the 1970s. Her first professional engagement was with Theatre ACT when she toured with Harold Pinters’ The Room as a fundraiser for the Labor Party.

Since then she has worked with companies such as the Marionette Theatre Of Australia, TOEtruckTheatre, Canberra Theatre Company and Merrigong Theatre. She has also appeared in numerous TV series, commercials, films and corporate videos. Susan played Jules in the short comic film Zara’s Tale produced by Murray Fahey and the winner of the Multicultural Award.

A founding member of Not Another Theatre Company and A Dark Horse, Susan completed her Bachelor of Arts (Theatre) Degree at the University of Western Sydney’s Theatre Nepean in 1989. She was subsequently funded to take part in the International Training Program run by the Suzuki Company of Toga in Japan. She also trained and performed with Leisa Shelton’s Theatre Is Moving corporeal mime troupe.

Susan’s plays have been produced by Not Another Theatre Company and Marian Street Theatre For Young People. Lies, co-written with Malcolm Frawley won the Festival of Australian Drama’s award for best new play in 1983.

She was a writer on the Lake Illawarra Memory and Place Project and artist in residence at Otford Primary School where the group-devised play, Audrey & The Silk Worms was invited to showcase at the Casula Powerhouse. Susan has also worked in an administration capacity for Axis Artists, the community cultural development unit of the Australia Council, Eaton Gorge Theatre Company and Circus Monoxide.

She is an invaluable member of the Laughter House Team and brings element of experience and professionalism that was sorely lacking!

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