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Other stuff...

It doesn’t stop with shows, activations and gorgeous tents.

Looking for something different?

Want high level engagement for your peeps.

We have a selection of playful participatory interactive offerings that will give everyone a chance to be PART OF THE FUN.

What do you want to play?

Fun & Games Hosted by your funniest MC's Kiki & Pascal!
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Musical bingo

Who doesn’t love singing along at the top of their voices to their favourite tune? Especially if there’s a chance that you may win a prize.

Kiki and Pascal’s Musical Bingo takes all of the traditional appeal of bingo and hurls it into the 20th century playing classics, never before heard versions and testing your skills of observation.. 

Let Kiki & Pascal take you on an oral odyssey through different decades and genres, from Dysney to Donnie Osmond, Frozen to Frankie goes to Hollywood, Kylie to Kpop. There will be tunes that you never knew you knew and ones that you will just want to forget.


Musical Bingo is about as much fun as you can have without going to a musical or playing Bingo!

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Stand-up for kids

Does your child think they are hilarious?

Are they often called the class clown?

Would you gladly pack them off to the circus?


Stand up for Kids does exactly what it says on the tin.


  1. Get your kid to remember their funniest joke, their funniest story or their funniest skit.

  2. Get them to come up on stage and see if the audience thinks that they are as funny as they do.

  3. Let them bask in the glory of their new found fame as they collect their well earned prizes.

  4. Try to cope with their insufferable bragging and carrying on.


Stand up for kids is a wonderful chance for children of all ages to get up on stage for the first time and get bitten by the performing bug. Telling a joke to your friends is very different to telling it to an audience and sometimes, the funniest things happen. One thing’s for sure, poos and farts will feature heavily!

Nonsense Trivia

The rules are…there are no rules!

Ok well they are ever changing and totally at the discretion of Kiki.

Like any trivia, there are questions - but with nonsense trivia there is not a lot of sense.

It is during the answer section that this game really deviates from the norm.

The more silly and ridiculous the more you will be rewarded. It is creative and permission is given for the crazy and wild to reign.

She gives and takes points at her own whim and complaining might work, compliments definitely do!


Who will win, no one knows, but Kiki is up for bribery. 

Don’t get too comfortable, the scores could change in an instant. It is a magical world of the completely absurd.

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7pm, Friday 3rd April Zoom.png
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Pub quiz

Kiki and Pascal’s hilarious comedy pub quiz is like no other trivia event.


Made famous online during lockdown, it now comes to you live and in person. Expect a riot of crazy fun and interactive foolery.


Packing a one two punch of wit and nonsense, winning this night is less about brains and more about playing hard and flexing your own funny muscle. 


As with all Trivia, there can only be one correct answer, but we like to be accessible and will hand out points for anything that makes us laugh or is wildly (non-offensively) inappropriate. 


If you are looking for belly laughs on tap, you know the kind of night where you declare it was so funny a little bit of wee came out – then this is your ultimate night out.


There will be prizes galore and surprises in store. It will be hard to leave this night without grinning like you are wearing a coat hanger in your mouth.

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