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Big Ideas

At Laughter House, we exist to help you make your events unforgettable.
  • Want to engage a company to take care of all the creative ideas and find the artists, then our Collaborations are perfect for you?
  • Want the whole thing Done For You, then let us design and deliver an Event Concept for you?
  • Want to do less and have more impact? Let us do all the work and make you look amazing?
Do you have a crazy idea for a festival but you can’t imagine how to do it?
Have you ever seen something and not known where to get it from?
Do you know what type of act you want but don’t know where to even begin finding it?
Do you want a custom venue designed and made for you?
Do you run a festival and want to add an interactive zone to your event?
Do you want a Spiegeltent but can’t afford it?
Do you want someone else to do all of the hard work so you can look fabulous?
Di Osmond - Australian National Maritime Museum
"Tamara’s extensive experience and production expertise has brought 4 physical theatre pieces to the ANMM to support 3 of the Museum’s major exhibitions: Pirates, Vikings : Beyond the legend and Whales.  The productions have been extremely well received and attended with the desired outcome of increasing family memberships at the museum significantly."
Event Concept

Our event concepts are for:

  •  Councils who want to bring an event or festival to their community without doing all the heavy lifting or taking up the time of their limited team resources.

  •  Corporates that want a company to come in and make an unforgettable impact on their teams or clients. 


Reach out and we will book a meeting or call to make the magic happen for you and your audience.

Bubble chasing.jpg

Most likely you are a Council Event Team or a Festival Producer.

You know how to manage the logistics and have all the production contacts for infrastructure companies, for staging, toilets, road closures, tech humans etc.

What you are looking for is the WOW. 

You want to have someone come in and either take care of the creative concept and the artists or have someone provide a precinct for your event where it is all done for you.

We have been collaborating with Councils across the country for over a decade. We have provided everything from…

  •  A tent with shows 

  •  A precinct area, 

  •  Designing the entire creative program. 

We work with the council team or festival staff to collaborate in making the event of your dreams and creating connection through laughter and play for your audiences.

This is a great proposition for Council event teams or Festival teams that are overwhelmed, short staffed or under-resourced, as we work with you and take care of a whole section of the workload for you.

Our Festivals

We REALLY love what we do and have been to so many extraordinary festivals and events that it was only a matter of time before we started to produce our own. There are more in the pipeline but The KISS Arts Festival and The Kazador mini-Spiegeltent Season are annual events that we produce and LOVE! Check them out here:

We've done it before and we'll do it again...

A few examples of events and festivals we've created from scratch, transformed or expanded... 

Case Study

Begonia Festival

Begonia Festival is a great festival that started in 1953! It holds the record in Australia for the longest running festival and prides itself on it’s programming. Laughter House was an obvious choice once we had formally met...


Case Study

Falls Festival

From multi-generational to strictly adults only, we haven’t met a brief yet that we haven’t been able to meet!...

Kiki Main stage Falls.jpg

Case Study

Optus Mardi Gras

The entire tent was painted bright pink and we built an entirely new facade. Decorated with holographic decals and 100's of metres of fluorescent pink, blue and white neon strip lighting, The 'Optus Arena' as it had been nenamed stood out even at an event like Mardi Gras...


Case Study

University of Wollongong - O Week

Entertainment for the 18 - 28 year old audience can be a tricky one to nail. Competing distractions around campus and a shorter attention span mean that the attention of your average O week attendee was harder to grab...

UOW O week.jpeg

Case Study

Kiss Arts Festivals

The Kiss Arts Festival is a free, multigenerational, mixed arts & comedy/circus/variety festival that takes place in beautiful Kiama NSW...


Case Study

The Kiama Kazador Season

We realised that living in a relatively small rural town in NSW, if you wanted to see a show of any real calibre, more often than not, you had to travel to a major city. We started to imagine what it would be like to bring some of those “calibre” shows to a small town like Kiama and how we might go about doing it...

JoondalupFestival_Photographer1_[By Adam Nalapraya]--14.jpg

Case Study

La Petite Grande

In an effort to delete the variables that were standing between us and a consistently excellent experience for the audience, we created La Petite Grande: a mini transportable venue that we take to various festivals and events around Australia...


Case Study

Shellharbour Carols

When we were approached by Shellharbour Council to produce their Carols concert, we knew that we had to do it differently. To be fair, that is why Shellharbour Council asked us...

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