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Laughter House offer a versatile and comprehensive selection of temporary structures, comic installations and festival precinct attractions.

The Kazador

The Kazador is a mini spiegeltent – a full wooden and mirrored venue with a solid wooden floor and a gorgeous Miami Art Deco façade. The tent is truly spectacular to look at and comes with the great Laughter House Entertainment design calling card, of a powerful atmospheric space.

Spiegletent - The Kazador
Circus Tent - La Petite Grande
La Petite Grande

La Petite Grande is a canvas tent with a wooden facade. It has a 4 tiered seating system and seats up to 100 people.The tent is usually run by its outrageous hosts Kiki and Pascal. They create a great carnival atmosphere with their quirky interactive and inspiring antics that draw the public to the tent and help to make the laid back, funny and creative tone that is a Laughter House special. We are able to curate the performances for you based on a brief that you feel fits your festival or event.

Cafe De Rude

Café de Rude is a comedy installation French themed Café with an unmistakably “classy” European feel. 


Cafe de rude is a unique addition to any festival site, outdoor weddings or corporate lunches with a difference. It brings comfort and shade as well.

Cafe De Rude
Lucinda Adamson - Ballarat Council
"THANK YOU for bringing The Alkazar to the Begonia Festival.  It’s fair to say that it was a smash hit! Thank you for sourcing great talent for us.  We are looking forward to bringing La Petite Grande to Begonia Festival again!"
Circus Tent - Alkazar

From the moment you lay eyes on The Alkazar, you realise that she does not like to play second fiddle. A tent with presence and attitude, she is both strikingly bold and playful. A perfect blend of pop up circus and full theatrical experience designed to create a carnivalesque festival feel that delivers a real visual punch.

Little Big Stage

You have gone nowhere but everything has changed, life just became more fun, filled with laughter and exploding with the unexpected you are now in front of The Little Big Stage, where magical entertainment happens.

The Little Big Stage installation is self sufficient, coming with it’s own stage, sound system, lighting, backdrop and optional seating system.

LED Hoolahoops - Little Big Stage
Aerial Rig
Aerial Performer - Aerial Rig
Aerial Rig

Laughter House Entertainment’s 6 metre high Aerial rig sits majestically amongst any Festival or event site.


The Aerial Rig forms the centrepiece of The Circus Drop Zone but can also be hired individually. 


Always dreamed of having high flying acrobatics at your event but didn’t think it was possible?


Well at laughter house, we love making dreams come true.


We can supply the rig and find you the perfect aerial artist/s to give some WOW to your event.


The rig can also be used for “have a go” trapeze session if you want to challenge your audience and get them out of their comfort zone. This option comes with a qualified aerial trainer.


The Aerial Rig comes with Engineers Documents and is fully insured.

Waverly Council
“It was such a pleasure having the Laughter House family on site to enhance the activities within the Kids Zone… the aerial show and the amphitheatre was packed as was your Circus Drop Zone. It looked fabulous.”

Ok Laughter House, I am onboard with you, but what the bleedin blimpin are Activations?


Activations are interactive experiences that we have created for your audience.

They are somewhere between entertainment and workshop. 

They are “have a go” creative ventures. They require audience participation, but are still an entertainment experience.


They are super fun things to have on your event line up. 


Click through and have a look. There are a bunch to choose from


We can create special ones just for you as well.

Kiki's Truth Booth
Event Structures
Something Unique

Hey Laughter House, I am loving all these interactive activities.
But I am looking for something unique to my business, theme or special occasion?
That is so exciting! You legend! Love your decision..
Laughter House exists to bring your creative vision into reality. We want your people to have an unforgettable experience that makes you look amazing.

So yes, we can make, create or design something that is ever so specially yours

Just Tents

Bored of White Marquees at your event?
Want something with a bit of character and atmosphere?
Laughter House have a wide selection of canvas and wooden structures of all shapes and sizes, just drop us an email with you requirements…

Tents for Hire

We have a combined 54 years of experience across 40+ countries in creating, performing at, and helping others design events. We know how challenging events can be.There are a lot of moving parts and finding the best combination of experiences, great acts, awesome spaces and the perfect amount of everything takes years of knowledge…And here we are, ready to use our expertise  to make your event dream a reality.

Got Big Ideas

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