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Truth Booth

Honesty at it's finest...
The Truth Booth is a place to uncover all that you did not know about yourself or others and most often more than you wanted to know. Let your inner narcissist out of the closet and seek the made up truth about your life. Let it guide you to a place so funny you may need to change your clothes.
Is honesty the best policy?

All who cross the booth will feel the need to have their own truths unveiled. To share a tale BUT NEVER two with all who happen to be in the vicinity (or close enough to eaves drop).

Are you ready for the truth?

Did you steal from your Mother’s purse, take the good chocolates from the back of the pantry, or accept more change than you were due?

Kiki will expose the truth and gently manipulate it into a hysterically entertaining nugget of wisdom!

Think Tony Robbins meets Dame Edna.

Is she a clairvoyant? NO!

Is she a life coach? NO!

Is she right – of course NOT

Is she funny? HELL YEAH!


Want The Truth Booth?

Did you want this instalation at your next event or festival?

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