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Kiki Bittovabitsch
Aka "Miss Kiki"

Kiki Bittovabitsch is the foreign ambassador of funniness. Blending stand up and physical comedy, her smack-you-in-the-face interactive show pushes boundaries and pulls no punches – yet somehow leaves you feeling loved up. The forbidden lovechild of Dame Edna and Borat, Kiki knows no subtlety, but could occasionally do with subtitles.

Check her out!

Karin Rodgers - Producer - Seymour Centre Sydney.
 “Absolutely Perfect”

Kiki was born in the country of Kazador and since she left, she cannot find it again! So she travels the world engaging in genuinely touching and hilarious experiences.

Heralded on the European festival scene as “hysterically funny,” Kiki is over 40, still doing splits, handstands, pole dancing, magic and contortion.

Kiki is unique, charismatic, charming as a bull, vulnerable, monstrous, outrageous and flirtatious.

Kiki can improvise her way into and out of any awkward situation. Her Kulture with a K, means that she often makes unfortunate social faux pas, but that makes everything more exciting – you never know what might happen next and to be fair, neither does she!

Random comments from Kiki’s audience’s include “freakin phenomenal,” “I laughed more than I have ever laughed before,” “You had us eating out of the palm of your hand,” “wonderful,” “incredible,” “You are so good, so funny!” “I laughed so hard a little bit of wee came out” and that was from a man.


Want Kiki?

Did you want Kiki as a performer, MC or both at your next event?

Head to our artist request form and we'll let you know if she's available.

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She comes with her own booth?

Just like Barbie she has accessories. One of which is her Truth Booth where you too can line up and find out... But just like Barbie, some accessories are sold separately so if you want to learn more about this installation click the button bellow.

And Pascal?

Kiki is often spotted with her own version of a 'Ken'... also known as Pascal: Equally as handsome as your average Ken doll but far funnier! Together they travel the world bringing giggles and silliness...

Wanna Play?

As well as their hillarious shows Kiki & Pascal like to play some ridiculously entertaining games

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kiki-and-pascal_photo credit Nina  Kourea 034.jpg
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