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The Great Dave

The Great Dave’s speciality is mixing high level circus skills with character and comedy, creating a show with a broad appeal that not only “wows” the audience but engages them, inviting them into his world.

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Neuepresse - German Newspaper
"The undenied highlight of the show.. so humerous that the audience laughed until they could laugh no more!”

The Great Dave performs a show that is about so much more than just juggling. Maybe it is the ease with which he does juggle that makes you forget that he is almost constantly defying gravity, casually flicking 3, 4 then 5  juggling clubs from hand to hand whilst engaging the audience in a hilarious stream of consciousness. Very few performers are happy to put the destiny of the show into the hands of the audience but with ultimate humility, The Great Dave offers the audience the chance to suggest different styles in which he might juggle for them, improvising his way out of the seemingly impossible situation the audience have put him and into humble success. With casual ease and breakneck speed he flies through routine after routine, ending up on a 2 metre high unicycle juggling high above the audience's heads. Finally inviting the audience to throw juggling clubs at him whilst maintaining a seamless comedy banter balanced on one wheel, The Great Dave can be charming, witty, dextrous and daring all at the same time. Guess that’s why they call him the Great Dave!?


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