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Eloise Green

All you need is Love

A romantic comedy. A young woman who simply yearns to be loved in any way, shape or form. Daphne dazzles and dazes her audience incorporating death defying acrobatics, multiple hula hoops and clowning in an effort to win over a smile, applause, a friend or two and maybe even…a lover! This is a story of LOVE in all shapes and sizes.


Daphne uniquely utilizes audience members to tell her story, ‘All you need is Love’; a narrative which unravels with unexpected twists, friendships and romance that build to a huge crescendo. A climactic, surprise celebration!!! ‘You have to see it to know how it ends.

Eloise Green
Eloise Green
The Pitts Family Circus
The Pitts Family Circus

The Pitts Family Circus

Welcome to the hilarious and twisted world of The Pitts – a real family circus. You will be instantly addicted to the Dad humour of Patriarch Cessil Pitt, feel for the put upon sarcasm of Matriarch Sandy Pitt and be delighted by the talented children Wee Pitt and Baby Pitt in a hilarious and highly skilled family circus show!

A classic feel good performance with lots of humour about families, mirroring situations we can all relate to. The high skilled circus acts including, family acrobatics, Risley (juggling a person with your feet), juggling, and hand-balancing will leave you in awe inspired disbelief. It won’t just be your funny bones that get a work out, be prepared to oh, ah, whoop and cheer your way through a very fun show.

Dr Hubbles Bubble Show

Everybody love bubbles, but Dr Hubble really LOVES bubbles and he wants to show you why. 

Dr Hubble takes you on a funny and slightly educational journey into the world of bubbles. You will see the biggest bubbles you have ever seen, bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble and the new the explodabubble. At the end of each performance one lucky child get put inside a huge bubble. Come along, it could be you...

Dr Hubbles Bubbles
Dr Hubble Bubble show
Mario Queen of the Circus
Mario Queen of the circus

Mario, Queen of the circus

A born showman and expert in both circus artistry and comedy, Mario comes brimming with unbridled passion. The Latin lothario's hilarious full-length show and irresistable variety numbers have wooed audiences all over the world. Mario's unique mix of complex juggling tricks and universal sex appeal can only find release in the arena-rocking anthems of his favorite supergroup, Queen. 


Mario is the creation and alter ego of Clarke McFarlane, a New Jersey-born and New York City-schooled performer. First developed for the Off-Broadway hit Planet Banana, the character of Mario went solo in 2005 with his outdoor international festival show. Mario: Queen Of The Circus quickly became a festival favorite and has toured solidly since its inception. Mr. McFarlane performs Mario in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and has done so from Eurasia to the Antipodes. 

Fraser Hooper

Fraser is one of the most prolific clowns on the festival circuit. Pushing clowning into the modern world with his famous minimalist, deadpan style, he has won many awards including bronze at The Wuhan International Acrobatics Arts Festival and silver at the Festival International des artistes de cirque de Saint Paul Lès Dax. 


After a glittering career in menswear Fraser Hooper gave it all up to follow his dream and become a clown. THIRTY years on his unique brand of award winning comedy has delighted thousands of audiences at nearly every major Street Festival in Europe, Australasia and Canada. Featuring heaps of audience participation, slapstick and eccentric dance his hilarious shows delight all ages wherever he plays.


Guaranteed giggles galore from internationally award-winning funnyman Fraser Hooper. This hilarious show features a stunt duck, a human fish, eccentric dancing, and the silliest boxing match you have ever seen. So get a ringside seat for a belly aching knockout performance.


Fraser Hooper has been performing his award winning clown show selling out theatres, filling circus tents and headlining cabarets in over FORTY countries worldwide for the last THIRTY years.


“He teases his giggling audience and the more he takes the mickey the more they laugh.

A most charismatic clown.”

Time Out UK

Fraser Hooper Clown
Fraser Hooper - Clown
Fraser Hooper Laughing
Tommy Dean
Tommy Dean

Tommy dean

Tommy Dean is an American comedian with a unique understanding of Australia, its audiences and above all, what makes us laugh. Indeed, the cultural divide between Americans and Australians provides much of his intelligent observational humour.

Tommy’s performance style is laid back to say the least and he’s consistently a stand out winner with audiences across his adopted nation. Firmly established as one of Australia’s most sought-after comic performers and writers, he is a huge hit with theatre audiences, corporate clients and festival producers and on TV and radio shows.

With his brilliantly insightful and clean humour, genial manner and hilarious routines, Tommy never fails to connect with and impress any audience.

Lisa Lottie

Meet Lisa Lottie, a talented hula hoop artist originally from the Netherlands, but now calling Australia home. With a captivating street performance style, Lisa has toured the world, showcasing her incredible hula hoop skills in Big tops, Spiegeltents, Arena's, Cruise ships, Theatres, Speakeasy's, and even a surgery theatre! She started her hula hooping journey to be part of a traditional circus in India, but the real magic happened when she began street performing in London, right in front of the iconic London Eye.


Over the past 14 years, she has performed all over the globe, from Las Vegas to Dubai, Singapore to Vancouver, and Christchurch to Melbourne. Lisa is also a proud graduate of two circus schools, one in Rio de Janeiro (ENDC) and one in London (NCCA), where she earned her degree in circus arts. Her performances feature stunning LED hula hoops that change colors and patterns to the music, adding an extra element of visual magic. You can catch her mesmerizing act at corporate galas, product launches, weddings, and shopping events. Lisa's passion for street theatre festivals is undeniable, as they are her true happy place.


Get ready to be amazed by Lisa's incredible skills and infectious energy!

Lisa Lottie
Lisa Lottie
Lisa Lottie
George Washing Machine
George Washing Machine

George Washing Machine

An excellent and well-trained musician and a charming entertainer, George Washingmachine doesn’t go unnoticed. Besides singing and playing his violin with enviable mastery, he has pursued a long career both as an actor and as a theatre composer.

He works mainly in the jazz world on jazz violin and vocals, whilst sometimes playing guitar and double bass.

George has played all of the major festivals around Australia and tours regularly in Europe appearing at festivals in France, Switzerland & the UK.

Tents With Shows

At Laughter House, we exist to make your event life easier and smoother and to get you outstanding outcomes for your audiences.


Tents with shows combines two components of our offerings into one high impact, high value experience that gets incredible audience feedback.


We source a program of classy sideshow acts - imagine Mind-blowing acrobatics, side splitting comedy, gravity defying juggling & record breaking hula hooping all oozing with charm and finesse. Then pop all that magical wonder in a laughter house venue of your choice.


Tents with shows allows for a controlled and focused environment for entertainment, effecting a  more enjoyable experience for artists and audience.


The variation of artists and acts across the day means the audience can revisit the tent and see different things. 


The lineup of shows is tailored to suit your specific needs and event.


How does this work?

1.You pick one of our gorgeous venues.

2. Give us the details about your event and audience so we can cater the programming to you.

3. We curate a line up of artists and a schedule to suit your brief.

4. We deal with all elements involved to get the installation at your event.

5. We arrive, set up, run the venue and get everything done for you.

La Petite Grande - Circus Tent
Mardri Gagas
Alkazar - Eloise Green

Check it OUt!

Cabaret Shows
Cabaret Shows

Curated Cabaret

Have you ever attended one of those high energy shows with lots of different acts in a Spiegeltent at Sydney Festival or Adelaide fringe?

You were blown away by the skills, the comedy, the naughtiness and the bloody good time you had!


Laughter House creates cabaret shows just like that. Fast paced, sexy, hilarious and leaving audiences totally amazed. We can design one to your specifications and location.


You can have your very own masterpiece of a show created just for you. It can be performed in one of our tents or in an existing venue. It can be designed with a heavy dose of the risque for adults only audiences, or take it down a notch for those that don’t like too much naughty, or we can make a family friendly show for all ages.

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