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Curated Cabaret

Have you ever attended one of those high energy shows with lots of different acts in a Spiegeltent at Sydney Festival or Adelaide fringe?
You were blown away by the skills, the comedy, the naughtiness and the bloody good time you had!

Laughter House creates cabaret shows just like that. Fast paced, sexy, hilarious and leaving audiences totally amazed. We can design one to your specifications and location.


You can have your very own masterpiece of a show created just for you. It can be performed in one of our tents or in an existing venue. It can be designed with a heavy dose of the risque for adults only audiences, or take it down a notch for those that don’t like too much naughty, or we can make a family friendly show for all ages.


Check It out!

Audience Member - Kiama Kabaret
"Today my voice is hoarse and my hands are sore from laughing and shouting and clapping hard."

Interested in Curated Cabaret?

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