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Cocktail Waiters... on Unicycles?

A highly interactive, Roving Act.

Two Waiters Dressed impeccably from the waist up - they are the epitome of charm and sophistication. Dressed not so impeccably from the waist down… well, they have nice legs!

The cocktail waiters glide around precariously with trays loaded with drinks. They wobble and lurch along out of control as they pass high above the crowd on their 6 foot unicycles.

They have a tool belt of tricks attached to their costume so they can make their signature drink, “mess” for people. They hand out paper cups, do bottle twirling tricks and play catch the cherry! Might I remind you, all on one wheel and high in the air. Impressive and very funny. Everybody will be talking about these two.


Roving entertainment that is so much more than just another Instagram moment, the Unicycling Cocktail Waiters are guaranteed to bring a double shot of highly skilled, interactive improvised comedy to your next event leaving your guests shaken and not stirred.


The Unicycling Cocktail Waiters are the perfect roving act for food and wine festivals, outdoor and indoor events, music and arts festivals and formal celebrations.


Want Cocktail Waiters on Unicycles?

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