31st Dec 2018 – 3rd Jan 2019 – The Little Big Stage, The Circus Drop Zone & The Talking Lampposts at The Taste of Tasmania, Hobart.

26th Jan – The Little Big Stage, Kiki & Pascal at The Parramatta Australia Day

26th – 27th Jan – La Petite Grande, Cafe De Rude & The Circus Drop Zone at The Kiama Show

1st – 3rd Feb – The Great Dave & Kiki at Festivale, Launceston, Tasmania

23rd Feb – The Kiama Secret Soireee

2nd Feb – Kiki & Woman’s Day Shoalhaven

8th Feb – Kiki mc International Woman’s Day at The Builders, Wollongong

9th – 11th March – Cafe De Rude & The Circus Drop Zone at The Begonia Festival, Ballarat, VIC

16th March – La Petite Grande at The Concord Carnival

16th March – The Circus Drop Zone at The Bombala Show

16th & 17th Mar – The Circus Drop Zone & The Great Dave + Aerial Shows atThe Mossvale Show

5th April – The Great Dave MC – She’ll Be Right

6th April – Big Top + Circus Drop Zone at Movies in the Park, Innerwest Council

12th – 14th April – La Petite Grande & The Circus Drop Zone at The Thirlmere Train Museum

26th – 28th April – The KISS Arts Festival

19th May – Big Top Innerwest Council

25th May – Kiki in Townsville

20th July – La Petite Grande with Kiki & Pascal @ The Jamberoo Music Festival

22nd – 26th July – ANU SA Bush Week – The Talking Lampposts

29th July – Shellharbour Local Government Week, Kiki & Pascal and The Little BIg Stage

3rd Aug – Kiki @ Klinesfest, Bad Pyrmont, Germany

4th Aug – The Great Dave & La Petite Grande @ Moocooboola Festival, Hunter’s Hill, Sydney

5th + 6th Aug – Kiki @ The Duckstein Festival, Lubeck, Germany

9th – 11th Aug – Kiki @ The Limburg Festival, Holland

16th – 18th Aug – Kiki @ The Schlosspektakel, Braunschweig, Germany

6th Sept – Kiki and Pascal & The Little Big Stage @ The Kiama Public School annual P&C Fundraiser, The Pavillion, Kiama

7th Sept – The Great Dave @ The Bondi to Berry Bike Race

7th Sept – “Tonight with Kiki” @ Merrigong Theatre, Wollongong

8th Sept – Kiki & Pascal & The Circus Drop Zone @ Bondi Festival of the Winds

15th Sept – La Petite Grande @ The Dulwich Hill Village Fair

17th – 21st Sept – Kiki and Pascal, Kiki and The Great Dave @ Buskers By the Creek, The Gold Coast

18th – 20th Oct – La Petite Grande @ The Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival

1st – 3rd Nov – La Petite Grande & Kiki and Pascal @ The Lost Lands Festival, Werribee Mansions

9th Nov – Kiki & La Petite Grande @ Viva La Gong, Wollongong

9th Nov – The Great Dave, The Unicycle Ballet, The Talking Lampposts & The Little BIg Stage @ The Big Adventure, Sydney Rides Festival

23rd Nov – The Great Dave & the Talking Lampposts for Blacktown “Little Laneways Festival”

23rd Nov – The Talking Lampposts @ Christmas in The City, Sydney

29th Nov – 1st Dec – Kiki and Pascal @ The Fairgrounds Festival, Berry

14th Dec – Kiki & Pascal and the cast for “Kiama’s Kinky Kristmas Kabaret” @ The Pavilion Kiama

31st Dec – The Alkazar and Kiki and Pascal @ The Lord Mayor’s Picnic, Botanic Gardens, Sydney.


18th Jan – Kiki hosts The Berry Show Ball

24th & 25th Jan – La Petite Grande, Cafe de Rude & The Circus Drop Zone @ The Kiama Show

26th Jan – The Little Big Stage with Kiki & Pascal @ Shellharbour Australia Day Celebrations

30th Jan – 2nd Feb – Kiki & Pascal plus friends and The Talking Lampposts @ Festivale, Launceston

6th & 7th Feb – The Alkazar @ Wodonga

19th Feb – Kiki and Pascal @ Seniors Week Celebrations Kiama

25th & 26th April – La Petite Grande, The Little Big Stage, The Circus Drop Zone, Cafe de Rude, Kiki & Pascal and many friends @ The KISS Arts Festival, Kiama NSW 2533

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Over 54 years collectively in the business – we are not that old we just started really young.
Created shared joy in 40 countries for audiences aged 0 – 110+
Responsible for 5.2 million laughs and counting.
Performing in front of everyone from HRH Queen Elizabeth II to The Sheikh of Dubai
Worked for 150+ companies and organisations world-wide.
Delighting audiences from arenas of 50,000 to intimate dinners for 10.
Winners – Countless “People’s choice” awards from around the globe.
Australia Day award recipients for contribution in Arts and Culture.
Played festivals with everyone from Rolling Stones to the Wiggles an shared stage with everyone from Placido Domingo to The Hill Top Hoods.
Our mission is to help make your event unforgettable.

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