“The Alkazar was the highlight of the Festival, everyone was talking about it!”
Tim Jones Sydney Children’s Festival.

From the moment you lay eyes on The Alkazar, you realise that she does not like to play second fiddle. A tent with presence and attitude, she is both strikingly bold and playful. A perfect blend of pop up circus and full theatrical experience designed to create a carnivalesque festival feel that delivers a real visual punch.

The Alkazar can come with a full interior lining to darken the tent so it can be more like a theatre even in daylight hours. It has two exit points, one at the main door and one at the rear that serves as an emergency exit and back stage entrance. The Venue seats 110 on a mixture of tiered seating with cushions and chairs. It comes fully equipped with lights (basic cans) and sound and a grand proscenium backdrop. It can also come with a backstage dressing room tent if needed.

The Alkazar is both intimate and grand and for a pop up mini tent, highly functional, but it’s most tantalizing asset its stand out visual attitude. If you want to make a statement about fun and do it in an eye catching unique way, then she is your gal.

“I love the Alkazar, I saw every single show and I am coming back tomorrow to see Kiki and Pascal again!”
Sammy Richardson, 7yrs old, Sydney Children’s Festival

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