“La Petite Grande is a stunningly beautiful addition to any outdoor festival. Dave and Tamara program high quality, engaging entertainment and are themselves brilliant performers. I would absolutely recommend them” Jamie Dawson Senior Producer Sydney Opera House

La Petite Grande is a canvas tent with a wooden facade. It has a 4 tiered seating system and seats up to 110 people.

The tent is usually run by its outrageous hosts Kiki and Pascal. They create a great carnival atmosphere with their quirky interactive and inspiring antics that draw the public to the tent and help to make the laid back, funny and creative tone that is a Laughter House special. We are able to curate the performances for you based on a brief that you feel fits your festival or event.

La Petite Grande presents classy sideshow that resonates across generations – allowing families to laugh and play together. Mind-blowing acrobatics, side splitting comedy, gravity defying juggling & record breaking hula hooping all oozing with charm and finesse.

La Petite Grande is a mini “spiegelesque” tent, gorgeous on the outside and full of big surprises on the inside. Gleaming with a 1920’s Art Deco and mirrored façade, this theatrical venue is designed to provide an opulent experience with a traditional vaudeville and cabaret feel that is complimented by a modern day twist.

Laughter House Entertainment offers a fully “done for you” package. Doing everything from erecting our beautiful Art Deco style Tents – fully fitted out with lights, sound, stage and a 4 tiered seating system – to the programming a full schedule of world class, family friendly comedy, variety and circus shows. We can perform a 20 minute show every 30 mins throughout the day offering a near continuous program of unique entertainment.


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