“Keeping wowing the audience, keep dreaming up new shows, and above all else keep doing what you do best – entertain the audience and they will laugh their pants off – simply superb shows!

I can’t wait to see what else enters your repertoire of acts over the next ten years because I know whatever you dream up will have us laughing.”

Michele Lay Ray White

The Kiki and Pascal show is the funniest love story of all time. The journey of this unlikely couple is wrapped around a show full of beautifully diverse skills, singing, juggling, contortion, interactive comedy, acrobatics and a surprise magical ending.

The Kiki and Pascal show is a rom-com stand up variety that is best watched sitting down, with outrageous interactive situations and genuine originality. BUT, as talented as they are, that is all secondary to how damn funny and entertaining the show is. Don’t miss it because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t know how to explain it.



“The best street show I have ever seen.”

Emma Thompson, Actress

“Kiki and Pascal are great. I would have them back in a New York minute. Definitely a crowd favourite at the festival.”

Melinda Norris, Festival Director Cairns Buskers Festival

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