“We have seen a lot of comedy nights, your show was the best thing I have ever seen.”    Eden Whale Festival Cabaret

The Kult Klassic with too many K’s, the Kiama Kabaret is Here!


Your local hosts Kiki and Pascal will guide you through this uniquely ridiculous evening with an ever changing line-up of some of the countries, nay the world’s circus, variety and comedy performers! If you haven’t been yet, you are missing out and should get over yourself, buy a ticket and come see what all the fuss is about.

The Kiama Kabaret – The evening that everyone talks about but nobody can explain!


“Last night’s Kabaret was BRILLIANT as usual. Today my voice is hoarse and my hands are sore from laughing and shouting and clapping hard . Terrific acts and Kiki Bitsovabitch and Pascal (aka Tamara and Dave) are Kiama’s greatest asset. Thank goodness they decided to live here. They both bring so much joy to our world. Thank you for your humour and hard work. Can’t wait for next year’s Kabaret.”

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