Kiki & Pascal’s “Online” Pub Quiz

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Trivia  {tick} 
Interactive Silliness {tick}  
Feelings of normality (ie a night out with humans) {tick}   
Hilarious & Ridiculous antics {tick}  

Most importantly, packed full of interactive connections with people who are not inside your 4 locked down walls. Yippee!
Do you miss laughing hard with your friends?
Are you going slightly bonkers holed up at home?

Our Quiz is a little bit special – Yes you get points for being the first to have the correct answer, but Kiki is the Mistress of equality and she loves to share the love. You can score points for being hilarious, silly, or being well-dressed, even bribery… especially in the form of flattery towards Kiki!

Topics that are very personal, you know, in-jokes and stuff!
We also run our own weekly quiz for all of “our peeps” (and just so you know, anyone who likes to connect and laugh can be one of our peeps). So, you can check it out before you tout it about.
P.S. The rules are fairly lax so you can be relaxed and share connected joy and laughter.

contact us at:
or call us at: 0403817549

See your virtual faces super soon.


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Stay tuned for the next Pub quiz!

The most fun to be had on a Friday night. Why not let Kiki and Pascal loose in your living room for their all ages, Family Quiz!
Hilarious questions, interactive silliness and the feeling of connection right there in your living room (or wherever you keep your computer)!