Trapeze, acrobatics, juggling, unicycling, hula-hoop, clowning. The Circus Drop Zone has it all and more!

Have a go for all the family. Want to know what it would be like to run away with the Circus, or just show off your agility to your friends? The Circus Dropzone gives you fine humans of all ages a chance to throw your hand, feet, hips and heart into the ring. Stay on the ground with juggling, hula hoops or Diablo, keep it simple with spinning plates or take the sky on our trapeze or the real dare devils can roll off into the sunset on a unicycle. Live life and bring the whole family along to be part of the fun, you can spend hours or five minutes having ago with the help of each other or our highly skilled trainers.

Laugh, play and enjoy.

The Circus Drop Zone can be as big or as small as you like. All the equipment is provided along with mats and tents for shade if required. Call 0403817549 today to find out how easy it is to bring this fun and inclusive installation to your event.

The Circus Drop Zone can include:6 metre high, freestanding aerial rig with trapeze, silks or rope.

Unicycle, Juggling, Diabolo, Acrobatics, Adagio, Clowning, Hula-Hoop, Devil Stick, Performance.

We can provide shade tents, matting and can rope off an area.

The Circus Drop Zone works as well with children as it does with adults!

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