From selecting the perfect performer for you to creating an entire multi-generational festival, Laughter House always consider one thing above all else –

How can we make sure that the audience has the very best time possible
How can we make sure that your event is completely unforgettable?

We can and have curated:

  • Hilarious solo or group performance projects
  • Cabaret/circus shows for families
  • Site specific works
  • Curated experiential programs with our own stages, exclusive tents or unique entertainment villages
  • An entire fully-inclusive festival precinct with unique transportable venues, world class entertainment, arts & crafts tents, have-a-go circus equipment, café’s, food stalls, seating, lighting even toilets!
  • Pretty much anything else that you may want!

We can’t (and won’t) curate:

  • “Colour and movement”
  • Any show that is designed to take place in the background and not engage the audience 100%

Laughter House Glossary

Multi-generational – The words “multi-generational entertainment” are used a lot. We use them a lot! However, with years of experience under our belts, I can now say hand on heart that we don’t know of another company that actually delivers just that – entertainment that grandkids, kids, parents and grandparents can watch together and genuinely enjoy together. Several generations of the same family, sitting together, laughing at the same things is a truly bonding experience. Too often the parents shove their kids in front of a show while they get a coffee or shove a device in front of their kids while they enjoy a show. At Laughter House we strive to produce an exclusive inclusive environment that literally everyone can enjoy.

Hilarious – We say “At Laughter House, we don’t just aim to entertain the audience, we aim to blow them away”. Well, that’s kind of what we mean by hilarious. Comedy is fairly subjective and it is incredibly rare to watch a piece of comedy that appeals to all. Comedy that produces genuine belly laughs. Comedy that induces screams. Comedy that… and this is no word of a lie… made somebody wet themselves! A fully grown adult. And she came and told us about it! It doesn’t matter whether the show is circus, magic, cabaret, variety or music it will always be hilarious. Hence the name – Laughter House.

Experiential – We are super careful to only book acts in our tents that we think are the best in their fields. Acts that spend the rest of the year touring the world playing in venues and festivals to thousands of people. Award winning artists that have played on TV, in theatres, some of the largest circus’s in the world. Artists who love the challenge of playing to an audience of 130 in a 9 metre diameter tent, so close that they can touch you. Every show that ever happens in our tents is a special experience, not only for the audience but the artist as well. We now have a huge list of touring international artists asking us if they can work in our tents because they love it too!


Exclusive – Anyone that has been inside one of our venues will be able to attest to exactly what we mean by exclusive. From the beautiful façade on the tent to the queue entertainment outside the tent to entering and choosing your seat, to the beautifully intimate and focused nature of the interior and the extreme “energy” of the performance to the specially designed seating system. All these things and more go towards making you feel like you have been inducted into a very special club and just leave you wanting more.

Unique – A word that you hear a lot but it really is the only word that we could find that sums up what we do! There is literally no-one else doing what we do the way that we do it. Every audience member leaves our tents saying that they have never seen anything like it before but that they want to see it again.

Inclusive – After playing around with ways of charging people to come into the tent – sharing fee structures with festivals etc. – we decided that the shows will always be free to the audience. For two reasons. 1. The more people watching a show, the better the show. 2. We want to introduce as many people as possible to the style of entertainment that we do and money should never be an obstacle. We love watching the looks on peoples faces that would never consider going to a theatre or circus as they leave our tents literally blown away.

At Laughter House, we are “Hilaritarians” – using comedy to make the world a happier place through unexpected, hilarious entertainment experiences. We use comedy to really connect with people and really connect people to each other. The outcome is a moment of freedom in our busy society, one full of openness and acceptance across, cultures, generations and class. Most importantly we produce the sound of people laughing hysterically together in shared joy – best noise ever!

We believe in innovating and disrupting the way comedy entertainment is used in our culture while always providing an outstanding feel good experience that leaves organisers relaxed and audiences excited.

OR should it be more of an “Imagine?”

We believe:

  • That shared joy builds community and laughter creates bonds that help build better relationships.
  • That theatrical experiences should be accessible, diverse and multi generational in their appeal – bringing the broad community together to experience comedy, laughter and each other in an open and interactive way.
  • That comedy can create social change, one community at a time?????
  • In leaving audiences wild, awake, alive and transformed by comedy experiences.
  • In thinking differently to create disruptive comedy entertainment that betters the social and cultural interactions of communities and improves interpersonal relationships at work, home and play.

Not just Entertainment, completely hilarious comic experiences.

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"F**king hilarious"

Neil Morrissey, “Men behaving badly” and voice of “Bob the Builder.”

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"Laughter House are a pleasure to work with, they listen to the brief and then make it better. They are professional, funny and great at creating entertainment with broad appeal. Their shows have made our holiday programs especially successful."

– Di Osmond, Australian National Maritime Museum.