“The feedback from your stage was very strong all weekend; it was the highlight. The stage looked great and the pre-show entertainment really helped kick it up a notch. We’ve discovered now that shorter-form shows seem to be the more preferred medium in this environment.”  Julian Ramundi, Event Manager, Kidtopia Festival

Let Laughter House Tailor the perfect family event for you, your company or festival.

From selecting the perfect performer for you to creating an entire multi-generational festival, Laughter House always consider these things  –

How can we make sure that the audience has the very best time possible?
How can we make sure that your event is completely unforgettable?

We can and have curated:

  • Hilarious solo or group performance projects
  • Cabaret/circus shows for families
  • Site specific works
  • Curated experiential programs with our own stages, exclusive tents or unique entertainment villages
  • An entire fully-inclusive festival precinct with unique transportable venues, world class entertainment, arts & crafts tents, have-a-go circus equipment, café’s, food stalls, seating, lighting even toilets!
  • Pretty much anything else that you may want!

We can’t (and won’t) curate:

  • “Colour and movement”
  • Any show that is designed to take place in the background and not engage the audience 100%

At Laughter House, we are “Hilaritarians” – using comedy to make the world a happier place through unexpected, hilarious entertainment experiences. We use comedy to really connect with people and really connect people to each other. The outcome is a moment of freedom in our busy society, one full of openness and acceptance across, cultures, generations and class. Most importantly we produce the sound of people laughing hysterically together in shared joy – best noise ever!

We believe in innovating and disrupting the way comedy entertainment is used in our culture while always providing an outstanding feel good experience that leaves organisers relaxed and audiences excited.

We believe:

  • That shared joy builds community and laughter creates bonds that help build better relationships.
  • That theatrical experiences should be accessible, diverse and multi generational in their appeal – bringing the broad community together to experience comedy, laughter and each other in an open and interactive way.
  • That comedy can create social change, one community at a time.
  • In leaving audiences wild, awake, alive and transformed by comedy experiences.
  • In thinking differently to create disruptive comedy entertainment that betters the social and cultural interactions of communities and improves interpersonal relationships at work, home and play.

Not just Entertainment, completely hilarious comic experiences.

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