“Kiki is one of the most memorable things you could ever do at an event. She makes sure people will be talking about your event long after the event itself. Kiki is one of those things that is very hard to describe, but I can tell you that the moment Kiki takes the stage your event takes on a whole new dimension. A dimension that will stay with you and everyone in your audience forever – that is how important Kiki is. Whatever you do, make sure Kiki is on at your next event. You will love every single moment of it.” Paul Dunn founder B1G1

A great MC should make an event shine and keep people relaxed, compelled and feeling safe that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. A fantastic MC will also make them laugh and make the night extraordinary. If you are looking to do something different and remarkable at your event, be it a speaking event, an awards night, a company party or a fund raiser, you don’t have to hire an expensive TV personality to have a wow factor, you need to meet Laughter House’s Kiki Bittovabitsch. She is as refreshing and hilarious as the come. Professional and in complete control while also offering unique and unexpected interactions and options, with interview skills, comedy acts and an exceptional ability to connect to an audience, Kiki will make your night.

“You were the talk of the regatta. We have had plenty of people perform at our events and dinners but no one has ever raised such an overwhelmingly positive reactions as you! I have had emails coming in saying how wonderful you were and how excellent the interview was and how it was the best regatta dinner they have ever been too!” –  Donna Millsom –  Sailability NSW.


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