Case Study #3 “The Falls Festival”

The Falls Festival Byron Bay contacted Laughter House Entertainment in 2013 as they wanted to create a Performance/circus precinct within the existing festival. The demographic was very specific – 18+ – which realistically means 18 – 30 years old and of the three Falls festivals, Byron Bay was the youngest demographic with more of a focus on music.

The first year saw La Petite Grande make the journey north with a small selection of artists chosen by us and a program of acts chosen by the festival.

We quickly discovered that the short show format (20mins) was what the audience responded to and that light and funny was what worked over dark and meaningful.

Year two saw us return with a fully Laughter House curated program of short, sharp, silly and sexy shows.

As our success grew, so did our offering. Year three saw La Petite Grande with a fully curated program, The Alkazar with an additional fully curated program and Café de Rude with a partially Laughter House curated program and some Falls Festival music acts alongside Karaoke, quizzes, films and bingo! We had gone from taking 4 people and a tent to taking 25 people (a mixture of artists, labourers, kitchen staff and musicians) and three venues.

Year four saw the creation of The Peep’O’Rama. After growing tired of being asked the same question over and over again – “does it have tits in it?” and watching the attention span of the average 20 year old dwindle, we decided to create a 5 min show with tits in it! Parodying the Peep Show format we created a venue that housed a live show on one side – viewed through eye sized peep holes – and a rolling comedy porn film on the other side. The shows were short, sharp, silly and … well kind of sexy I guess… definitely with an emphasis on the silly. The French Maids would perform acro balance in, well French Maids outfits! Ficky Stingers would delight and disgust with his sticky fingers and Granny Peep who ran the show would thrill her audiences with flashes of ankles and low cut neck lines! It was the perfect offering for our audience and the fervor with which they lapped it up surprised even us!

Year five saw all of the above plus roving artists performing small shows around the festival site, full scale street shows, fire shows and circus workshops throughout the day for the more adventurous punter. An ensemble totaling almost 30 with three venues and a whole heap of other really cool stuff too!

Tailoring our offering to meet your audiences needs is our speciality. In fact I would go further and say that we relish the challenge. From multi-generational to strictly adults only, we haven’t met a brief yet that we haven’t been able to meet!

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