Case Study #1 “Begonia Festival”

Begonia Festival – Ballarat

For a couple of years prior to working with The Begonia Festival we had written to them suggesting our services as we thought that we would be a perfect compliment to their extraordinary festival (the longest running festival in Australia no less!) They had dutifully replied giving us an outline of their budget and we had spent a day or so tailoring a quote to their specific requirements. Days and weeks would pass and they would respond by saying that they couldn’t go with it this year but they were interested so please stay in touch…

We realized that our approach was getting us nowhere and rather than creating a relationship we were just going through the motions each year. Frustrating and time-wasting for them as well as us!

Then we came up with the idea of inviting them to come and see us. We were performing at the lovely Lost Lands Festival in Werribee with La Petite Grande and a selection of our finest. We couldn’t actually send the tent to them that year anyway as La Petite Grande was in Adelaide that year but thought that we should try and forge a relationship with them anyway. We couldn’t have been more on the money! They happened to catch Kiki performing in the tent (her natural habitat) and they loved her! They loved her so much that they pleaded with us to bring a tent to this year’s festival and booked us on the spot for the following year as well!

So we took The Alkazar with shows the first year and they/we were right, it was a huge success! The following year and the one after that we managed to take La Petite Grande and continued to grow our appeal. Last year we mixed it up and took Café de Rude, The Circus Drop Zone and our free-standing Aerial rig with shows and because we have a bit of a following at the festival, the shows just went off!

This year we are planning to expand on the same theme and create a little comedy circus village with food vendors and more seating than before.

Begonia Festival is a great festival that started in 1953! It holds the record in Australia for the longest running festival and prides itself on it’s programming. Laughter House was an obvious choice once we had formally met.

Why not come and see us in action because we are fairly certain that once you have seen us you will want to work with us.

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